11th Edgware Scout concentrating on his climbing at JSAC 2011

Welcome to the University of Common Sense

Why should you take your children to Cubs and Scouts?

  • At Cubs and Scouts, children learn practical, 'common sense'.
  • They will be given tasks and challenges to solve, which most people won't attempt until they are much older
  • They will learn strong leadership skills
  • They will spend more time outdoors
  • They will have fun
  • We spend very little time on theorising - it's all practical

Why is there a uniform?

  • The main reason for a uniform nowadays is to prevent any jealousy or 'class system' within the Group and to give the children a sense of belonging and committment.

How safe is Scouts?

  • The leadership team has over 100 years of safe Scouting experience
  • All leaders are fully insured
  • All leaders are regularly CRB checked - the same as teachers at school
  • We have a code of conduct which is strictly adhered to

One more thing... Scouts relies on volunteers to help run each of the sections. If you are able to help, however much time you are able to, we'd appreciate if you can let us know. You might even enjoy it as much as your child.

You can find out more from the Scout Association Website:

The rejuvenated Group will concentrate on providing high quality programs for both boys and girls at the forefront of modern Scouting.  We will initially have 2 active sections, a Cub Pack (8-10 year olds) and Scout Troop (10-14½ year olds).  There are currently 7 warranted leaders with over 100 years scouting experience between them.  It is hoped that a Beaver Colony (6-8 year olds) will follow along in due course.

Our capitation fee is £40 (to be confirmed) per term or £110 as a full years payment in advance.  This covers Insurance, stationery, materials, badges and other incidental overheads. 


The Cub Scout Uniform comprises a green cub sweatshirt, blue activity shorts, 11th Edgware Scarf and a dark blue scout kippah.


The Scout Uniform comprises blue activity trousers, brown scout belt and a green (officially called teal) long sleeved scout shirt, 11th Edgware Scarf and a dark blue scout kippah. 


Uniforms are readily available from a number of High Street stores (including John Lewis) or over the internet. 

The 11th Edgware Scout Group scarf, badges and Kippah are organised by the Group for which there is a £15.00 charge at investiture.  All other badges and awards are covered in the capitation fee.  The only other expenses are for the camps and other activities that may be organised.

History of 11th Edgware Scout Group

The Group was started originally in the 1930’s when Edgware United Synagogue was located in Mowbray Road.  11th Edgware was relocated with the synagogue to Parnell Close in 1957 having their very own premises, a building that remains in place to this day.  In 1958 the Group was so large with both two cub packs and two scout troops that a new Group was started at Stanmore Synagogue, called 16th Edgware, led by some of the leaders from 11th Edgware.  Sadly due to a lack of Leaders 11th Edgware was closed in 1994, and a whole generation of young people missed out on scouting.  However in 2009 the Group has been resurrected by some of the uniformed leaders from 16th Edgware, thus completing the circle of close links between these two Scout Groups.